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Discover a smarter way to grow your wealth with our innovative 506(c) fund, specifically designed for passive real estate investors seeking an alternative to the unpredictable stock market and traditional investing options. By leveraging our deep industry expertise and carefully selected real estate assets, we consistently deliver an impressive 12% annual return to our valued investors. Embrace the power of passive investing with our meticulously curated portfolio that combines the stability of real estate with the convenience of a hands-off approach, enabling you to secure your financial future with ease and confidence.


Experience the reliability and predictability of asset-backed investing with our 506(c) fund, specifically designed to provide passive real estate investors a superior alternative to the volatile stock market. Our proven strategy focuses on tangible assets, ensuring your investments are firmly secured by the underlying real estate properties, providing you with an added layer of protection and peace of mind. With our expert guidance, you can confidently navigate the world of passive investing, capitalizing on the consistent returns and stability of a meticulously curated real estate portfolio. Invest in a brighter financial future, anchored by tangible assets that offer dependable growth and unwavering security.


Entrust your investments with our team of seasoned professionals, whose expertise is rooted in their own successful real estate investments and comprehensive financial industry backgrounds. Our Limited Partners (LPs) bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, living and breathing the real estate industry on a daily basis. By joining our 506(c) fund, you gain access to an unparalleled network of experts who not only understand the intricacies of real estate investing, but have the track record to prove it. With their guidance and insight, you’ll be confidently positioned to maximize your returns and capitalize on the most promising opportunities in the world of passive real estate investing.

About Us

Paul David Thompson, founder and CEO of One Call Capital, leverages his 17-year technology and management experience from Fortune 500 companies into the real estate sector. Since focusing on real estate in 2017, he’s successfully participated in over 500 transactions. Recognized in the industry, Paul shares his expertise on various podcasts, including his own, “The Wake Up Call,” and continues to manage and grow his portfolio from his home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Kyle Johnson, a distinguished leader with experience in both finance and military service, now spearheads Steady Force Solutions, an agency focused on optimizing organizational performance. Drawing from his multifaceted background, Kyle offers valuable insights and expertise to the world of real estate investing

Brad DeGraw, Loan Officer at One Call Capital, specializes in underwriting land loans. His innovation in creating a unique loan product and ability to identify profitable opportunities, all while mitigating risk, have led to a strong industry reputation. Along with his professional accomplishments, Brad is valued for his active online presence, offering guidance to others in the land investing community.

A 506(c) fund is a type of private placement investment fund that is only available to accredited investors. Accredited investors are individuals or entities who meet certain financial criteria, such as having a net worth of at least $1 million or earning at least $200,000 per year.

The 506(c) fund is named after the section of the Securities Act of 1933 that governs it. This section allows private companies to raise capital from investors without having to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as long as they meet certain requirements.

One of the key requirements of a 506(c) fund is that the issuer must take reasonable steps to verify that each investor is an accredited investor. This is different from a traditional private placement, where issuers can rely on investors to self-certify their accredited investor status.

Another key feature of a 506(c) fund is that issuers are allowed to advertise and solicit investments from potential investors. This is a departure from traditional private placements, which are typically marketed through private networks or word of mouth.

In summary, a 506(c) fund is a type of private placement investment fund that is only available to accredited investors and allows issuers to advertise and solicit investments from potential investors. However, investors must meet certain financial criteria and the issuer must take reasonable steps to verify investor accreditation.

What is a 506(c) Fund?


land loans

Land loans present investors with a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the potential appreciation and development prospects of raw land or undeveloped properties. We specialize in providing financing for land acquisitions, enabling investors to unlock the value of these properties. By leveraging our fast capital and expertise in the real estate market, investors can seize the potential for future growth and profitability through land development, subdivision, or resale. Whether it’s purchasing land for commercial, residential, or agricultural purposes, our tailored land loan solutions offer investors the means to tap into this promising asset class and maximize their returns.

Transactional funding

Transactional funding offers investors a unique opportunity to engage in quick and simultaneous property purchases and sales. By providing short-term financing solutions, we enable investors to capitalize on profitable deals without the need for traditional financing. Our transactional funding allows investors to swiftly secure properties, leveraging our funds to close the initial purchase and then immediately resell the property for a higher price, often within the same day. This strategy empowers investors to profit from time-sensitive opportunities, such as wholesale deals, foreclosures, or auctions, without tying up their own capital. With our flexible terms and streamlined processes, we facilitate swift and seamless transactions, allowing investors to maximize their potential returns in the dynamic real estate market.

Construction loans 

Construction loans provide investors with a valuable opportunity to finance and participate in the development of real estate properties. Through our specialized construction loan offerings, we empower investors to undertake construction projects aimed at enhancing properties for resale or long-term gains. Investors can access the necessary funds to execute their construction plans efficiently. Whether it’s renovating existing structures, building new residential or commercial properties, or engaging in property expansions, our construction loans offer investors the means to capitalize on the potential for increased property value and profitability. With our dedicated support and tailored financing options, investors can confidently pursue construction projects and unlock the rewards of their real estate investments.

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“As a professional firefighter at the busiest station in my state’s history, I stay pretty busy. Combined with running a successful business on my days off, my time is scarce. Investing with Paul and his team at One Call Capital allows me to achieve better returns passively than some of my ventures have while actively investing. For anyone looking to invest capital without having to also invest their time, I can’t think of a better option than One Call Capital.”

Casey Reep


“Paul is more than a lending expert – he’s a trust-builder. For over four years, I’ve witnessed his remarkable talent in leveraging opportunities and crafting wealth. Not only do I trust him with my investments, but I have introduced my daughter to Paul’s world to nurture her financial growth. His unmatched expertise and integrity make each real estate transaction an enriching experience. Paul truly leads with wisdom, reliability, and a knack for fostering prosperity.”

Ryan Chronister

Mortgage Note Buyer / Real Estate Investor, American Equity Funding, INC